Delicate Whites – Lace & whitework at Berrington Hall

A few weeks ago I discovered there is something of a tradition at Berrington Hall. Every year, in the run up to Christmas, the Costume Curator Althea Mackenzie displays a part of the Charles Paget Wade costume collection in the Dining Room.

This weekend saw the Dining Room at Berrington filled with lace and whitework from the CPW collection. The effect is that of snowflakes littering the beautiful wooden surfaces around the room and with the drop in temperature it is starting to feel very seasonal!

When studying a garment I have always viewed any lace component as a minor detail in the overall composition, a supporting character that doesn’t have the wow factor to hold my attention. After studying these beautiful pieces in some detail I realise how easy it is to overlook the skill and craftsmanship that goes into the construction of lace. The overwhelming variety and the vast array of techniques that exists to create such fabulous designs are incredible. Come along to see these exquisite piece for yourself at the National Trust property Berrington Hall, near Leominster, Hereford.

‘Delicate Whites’ is on display at Berrington Hall until December 23rd

Behind the scenes at Costume Central…a.k.a. Althea’s Office!

Last Tuesday was a busy day for Team Costume! The morning saw us dismantling the display room at Berrington Hall that is used to exhibit items from the Charles Paget Wade Costume Collection in order to clear the space for a fabulous display of men’s and women’s Georgian costumes starting in January 2014.

Team Costume at Berrington are planning something spectacular with the collection for next year so watch this space for more exciting details 😉 In the interim here’s an sneak peak behind the scenes at Team Costume in action…


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  1. Cherilyn Ward says:

    As a bobbin lacemaker, I would have loved to have seen this display of lace and am sorry to have missed it.


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